Focus your marketing on people seeking your solution

Move beyond broad assumptions about your target audience to an

ideal client profile that helps you win more great fit clients

Ideal Client Profile Worksheet

Developing an ideal client profile can feel like a chore, but it doesn't have to be. We've created an interactive set of tools to help you uncover key traits from your client data to help you attract great fit clients.

  • Client data input sheet with 18 key attributes

  • Dynamic visualizations to help isolate key traits

  • Ideal client profile template to record findings

  • Instructions to guide you every step of the way

Unlock hidden traits to find great fit clients

Client Data Input Sheet

Ideal Client Profile Worksheet

Structured data sheet to make input easy:

  • 18 inputs for most common profile factors

  • Drop down lists with pre-defined categories

  • Customize as needed to fit your situation

Dynamic Visualizations

Ideal Client Profile Worksheet

Dynamic visualizations to make analysis a breeze:

  • Identify industry, size, and locations that matter

  • Uncover key pain points & desired outcomes

  • Isolate factors that predict high profit clients

Guided Profile Template

Ideal Client Profile Worksheet

Guided template to help document what matters:

  • Document factors that predict great fit clients

  • Note traits of situations to avoid

  • Easily share with sales and marketing teams

Ideal Client Worksheet Success Stories

  • After refining their ideal client profile, a commercial flooring installer made changes to their website that helped increased lead quality by 55%

  • A high-end landscaping company that had previously struggled to get quality leads was able to achieve a steady flow of great-fit leads and business growth

  • A data solutions company grew qualified leads by 300% and increased their sales close rate by 2X through marketing only to prospects that aligned with their ideal client profile